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Must Watch Movies (a few of them anyway)

Movies and books are perhaps culture’s greatest commentaries on life and the world we live in. Some movies only serve to pull money out of our pockets and offer nothing in return but a headache or an assault on our values. And others are just fanciful tales that capture our imagination, make us laugh or cry, and offer an escape from the real world of responsibilities and consequences. And then there are those that stand on principle, and from a great story take you on a journey of discovery.

Most everyone has their favorite movies. And most everyone has movies that are just not their cup of tea. I happen to draw a wide circle that includes classic tales, sci-fi, and movies known for violence or scenes intended for mature audiences. I’ve learned to appreciate their powerful, underlying themes and messages. There’s a lot to learn about love, family, and even God through stories told through movies. Here’s a few examples from a few of my favorites.

Ben Hur

Yes…Ben Hur. Have you actually seen this movie or read the book? It’s involved and well cast. Even the extras were carefully chosen. A great movie to watch at Christmas or Easter with the family. You’ll see a man wronged by his closest friend. With every reason to exact revenge for the evil committed against him and his family, he eventually finds that it leads to bitterness and a feeling of worthlessness. Only through a personal encounter with Christ is he made whole.

Pride and Prejudice

Amore`! Why does true love have to be so complicated? We fight within ourselves when it comes to these innermost feelings, big decisions, and when so much is on the line? We convince ourselves we can’t live without them. Then cast doubts and judgments in an effort to find reasons why we should. I sympathize with Mr. Darcy. He has his flaws and right where they count the most. He has offended young Elizabeth Bennett, the very person whom he loves and desires to marry. He sets out to overcome his early mistakes, his family’s views, her family, former and present friendships, and his own blundering. New obstacles crop up but he is absolutely determined to prove his love to Elizabeth. Women take note; everyday men can love you this much. His mother, your mother, and your insensitive siblings won’t stand in his way. If they do, then it’s better to know that now.
The “Colin Firth” edition is truest to the book, but will take you several hours to get through. The “Kiera Knightley” edition is very well done and features a one of a great movie musical soundtracks.

Little Women

This charming adaptation of a great American novel showed me that our little hum-drum lives with those that we love and doing things of small significance are something beautiful all by themselves. We can chase dreams across oceans and to major cities; and enjoy the ride. But then find that what is most precious was right at our feet all the time. Things and people come together at a time of God’s choosing and combine for a purpose beyond what we would choose for ourselves. Along the way there are hurts, fears, disappointments, and loss. But they work together to mold us into what we ought to be.


Okay, I’m sports movie buff. But so much can be learned from competition and I regret not learning this when I was actually competing in team sports. We are all individuals with a unique set of talents and aptitude. We have strong feelings, goals, and ambitions; perhaps known only to us. But sometimes we are faced with joining a CAUSE. Not just a team or organization. A CAUSE. An end result so important that it outweighs anything we could accomplish on our own. It inspires us to sacrifice even our identity for a time or for all time. We are often defined by what we do. But we can also be defined by our causes. The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team will be defined by their highly unlikely victory over the Soviets; the best hockey team ever. It was a feat only achievable by a coach consumed with by the prospect of winning Olympic gold, and a cadre of young men who gave themselves to the task. Take on a hobby if you need the down time. But your life will count for much more by joining a cause. Trust me, there’s one close by that might just fit you like a glove.

The Quiet Man

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy this one. Shot on location in Ireland, the setting are beautiful. John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Ward Bond and the rest of the cast find their Irish roots and really pull off a great movie. You can probably pick this DVD up for a song.
An American prize fighter moves back to his home village in Ireland after killing a man in the ring. This fact is hidden from everyone in the village, but the past haunts him, and threatens the possibility of a happy life and the love of his wife. He must come to grips with his past, Irish tradition, and his in-laws. Eventually, he sees clearly what is most dear to him and the only course of action that can save it. And the sooner the better.
It’s possible Maureen O’Hara plays herself in this picture. She’s a little too natural. Shot on location in Ireland, the setting is stunning. A nice diversion from remote galaxies or futuristic New York.

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  1. dana wright
    February 15, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    I’ve never seen ‘Ben Hur’ or ‘Miracle’ but I quite agree on the other 3!! I know Anne Shirley liked Ben Hur, so it can’t be half bad!!

    • Dan Wright
      February 15, 2011 at 6:33 pm

      Ben Hur won an Academy Award and was a true epic. The “Making Of” is interesting in itself. The novel was written by Lew Wallace (former governor of New Mexico ) and was a broadway show at one time. They actually had a chariot race on a giant treadmill. While living Wallace fought hard that portrayals of the novel would retain the essence of the Gospel.

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