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A Rant about Christian Marriage

Hello everyone, I would like to get a reading on who actually tunes in here. If you don’t mind returning even the smallest, non-consequential comment, I would really appreciate it.

I’ve had some time to myself this afternoon. Its dangerous to leave me to my own thinking and pondering, but here is where my mind has been.

Marriage. I want my children to find great life partners (as I have) and enjoy a lifetime of love, achievement, and adventure. But why do I feel as though their chances aren’t that great. I’m seriously questioning what today’s evangelical church has helped to bring upon this generation regarding marriage. I only need to cite the accepted truth that Christian marriages don’t fare any better in the area of longevity than non-Christian marriages. It should compel church leadership to question everything they’ve taught or learned themselves. Of course, I accept the Bible as God’s truth. So the problem must lie with US. Are our expectations so low, our perspective so skewed that we can’t give solid advice and counsel to our own children? Have we grown chicken? Afraid to discuss marriage with young adults from the viewpoint that it is first and foremost a contract? For those of you not afraid to engage a complete stranger in a non-threatening dialog about marriage, I suggest you discuss this subject with young women ages 20 to 30. They’ll tell you, they think they’ll come out on the losing end in a marriage. They’ll wind up divorced, stuck with raising kids with little help, and not enough money. You can debate them if you like. But you won’t have any facts on your side. Society has defined today’s marriage, and more and more, I fear we’ll find Christian adults willing to co-habitate rather than marry.

I am only one. But I am one. Now that my own children are getting older, I’m discussing relationships from a much more practical perspective than I ever thought I would. Simply because the alternative of emphasizing “God’s will” to the exclusion of the practical, with young adults in their sexual prime may not be effective.

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