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The Real Lessons Learned at Penn State

A former FBI director has completed his investigation of the scandal that revolved around the monstrous acts committed against young boys by a senior level football coach at Penn State University. PSU has a legendary football program, headed by a coach that became nothing less than an icon in the American sports world.

Its now come out that in light of the abuses, senior leadership (Univ President, Athletic Director, and Head Football Coach); purposely chose to not notifiy law enforcement out of motivation to protect the football program, their careers, and their legacies. They never once challenged the perpetrator after 2001.

Where was the line with these men? Its not sexual battery or the systematic rape of children. Would it be murder? If they didn’t find it in themselves to protect the innocent and defenseless, when would they show up, speak up, and act.

Naturally, we have an opportunity as a society to remark those lines. Reset the standards. Its is WRONG to allow or empower the victimization of the innocent and defenseless in order to protect other individuals and institutions. And this point needs to be clearly articulated by people in leadership everywhere- if they have the moral center to do so.

I don’t recall such a conspicuous and grevious lack of concern for people’s lives by people in authority; outside of the pages of world history. In less conspicuous situations, it happens consistently.

But just once today…look inside yourself, and answer this question. Is there something in my life, in my world, or about my person that I would try to protect, knowing that innocent and defenseless people—children— would be irrevocably and horribly wounded or worse.

If you’ve been blessed with strength, money, influence, or position; its more a responsibility than a blessing for you. You will be held accountable, in this life or the next: for your silence and consent, as well as your committed acts.

God, help and strengthen us all. Amen

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